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Broadcast Media Marketing.

Media management is increasingly about answering one question: how do I tell a compelling story that engages my customers? MAXWest Media's team includes experts in media and marketing research, budget planning, and branding, to get your message to the right audience on the right platforms.

Marketing Strategy

No one knows your business objectives better than you and MAXWest Media wants to help you create strategies with measurable control points that will ensure you reach KPI's. If you're not sure how to define your objectives, MAXWest Media's team of marketing experts can help you pinpoint the strategies that will have an impact on your bottom line.

Media & Marketing Research

No industry leader has reached that position without first gaining some influential followers. If you want to speak directly to thought-leaders in your field, let MAXWest Media make those introductions for you. Even in the same sector, different companies have different needs; different audiences have different demographic characteristics; different organizations have different voices. Your company is as unique as you are, and we tailor our solutions for each individual client.

Budget Planning

MAXWest Media's finance professionals can plan and analyze annual and quarterly budgets for ratings, reach, frequency efficiencies, ROI, and make recommendations for future planning.

Media Negotiation

When you’re negotiating media buys, you want access to the best available information: tracking shares, trends, and ranking. Performing research and negotiations at this level can demand a great deal of your attention. Our team takes the hassle out of the time-consuming project of meeting with and purchasing media. We make sure all data affecting buys is consistent with your target demographics and seasonality, and we're dedicated to refining advertising plans to suit your unique needs.

Media Management

Chances are you don't love the idea of spending all your time tracking ratings and reconciling them against forecast advertising performance, to make sure schedule goals are being met. We DO love it, though. We track ratings every day, keeping the integrity of every media buy intact. We loop-back with media entities to stay on top of the latest programming, promotions, and concepts. We take care it so you can concentrate on what matters most: your business.