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Search Engine Optimization.

Not all search engine optimization is created equal.

Any SEO company can promise to get you on the first page of search engine results, but the real question is whether they can get you on page one for search terms that your customers are using. If you're a plumber in Springfield, you probably want your customers to find you when they type "best plumber in Springfield" into their search engine, whether it's Bing, Yahoo, or Google. Each of these companies is constantly evolving their search algortihm to make sure consumers are served up the most relevant, useful, and authoritative results.

MAXWest Media uses "white hat" tactics. These are SEO practices that are compliant with the big three search engines' terms of use, and don't try to bend those rules or find loopholes. When those loopholes are closed, companies who use "black hat" SEO find that their sites can go from page one to blacklisted from search engine results pages (SERPs) altogether. These SEO companies spend most of their time looking for new loopholes in order to maintain their search ranking when search engines change their algorithms. We'd just rather spend that time working to get you to the top of the SERPs the right way.

Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Keyword Research

    We explore and evaluate progressive search terms for your industry and location. Whether it's key terms in page content, page descriptions, HTML code, meta data, xml files, domains, or links, we find the words your customers are using to find your business, and make sure that search engines are serving up your website for those keywords.

    There's a good chance that your competitors are optimizing their websites, too. We drill deep into what keywords are common, trending, or declining as industry search terms so we can deliver the most actionable, location specific keywords for customer conversion optimization. In layman terms, we find the words your visitors are most likely to search for, click on, or share.

  2. Website On-page Optimization

    Examining website design for graphical and structural changes and updates to meet search engine best practices. We keep your page compliant with search engine guidelines so you never need to worry about being penalized.

    Code development and back-end programming to increase site speed, capture analytical data, monitoring site up-time guarantees for SLAs, and managing keyword adjustment.

    Ongoing strategic linking to increase page rank, boost website freshness, and attract bots and search engine spiders

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

  1. Content development

    - Professionally written and edited SEO-friendly articles and press releases.
    - Video content scripting, shooting, and editing.
    - High quality graphic design, logo creation, and image manipulation.

  2. Account Creation and Management

    Account creation on websites relevant to your industry and plans. Whether that's a video sharing site, a user forums, document hosting services, Wikis, blogs, local and industry directories, presentation deck sharing sites, press release aggregators, or classified advertising websites, we'll find the platforms that are right for you to reach your audience.

  3. Backlinking

    Your content, and links to your content, will be published on reputable sites not owned by you. This is what shows search engines that you are an authority and thought leader in your field, and pushes your site higher in search engine results.

  4. Social Signals

    You've probably heard that Facebook's recent Edgerank changes are cutting the organic reach of brand pages to 10 percent or less. That means that less than 10 percent of your Facebook fans see your posts unless you pay to boost them. We understand how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, put your updates, messages, pins, photos, and white papers in front of your audience. And we know how to maximize your organic and earned media reach. Embedded social sharing buttons on your website with a clear call for site visitors to share your content with their networks significantly amplifies your social signal, lifting the rank of the website and helping you rank for targeted keywords.