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MAXWest Media specializes in growing social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube), creating authentic two-way conversations between the company and the consumer and allowing companies to engage with their customers directly. While traditional channels, such as TV and radio, don't directly facilitate this kind of two-way interaction, many broadcasts are offering enhanced content for consumers using tablets, smart phones, and laptops while they watch TV and listen to the radio.

This new "second screen" industry comprises marketing applications like Shazaam and GetGlue, as well as live commenting on Twitter and Facebook keeping viewers engaged with brands while they watch TV. It allows audience members to share their viewing habits with their friends, and even rewards viewers for tuning in. These days, it is crucial that your business participates in social media conversations which will not only amplify awareness of your brand, it will also provide direct feedback from customers. Our Full 360 strategy of utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with a many other social media sites, ensures that your message will be heard in the social realm.